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Villa Aarola

Mikkeli, Etelä-Savo
Villa Aarola is a spacious and cozy log Villa built in 2003 at Saimaa, in Anttola, Mikkeli.
You can admire the beautiful sunset, for example, on the terrace of a wooden sauna or on the main building. Also an electric sauna.

The log villa is suitable for a bigger group also: 3 bedrooms (2 double beds and 1 bedroom with a maximum capacity of 4 people) plus a cabin for two people.

The upstairs tower bedroom opens up into three directions. The second upstairs bedroom is ideal for children or families. The downstairs bedroom is spacious and quiet.

The living room is a magnificent open space of about 4 meters in height, plus a spectacular fireplace. Two corner sofas and additional armchairs. The dining area's table can accommodate up to 8 people.

Good equipment, including. Small dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator + freezer and TV. Upstairs lobby for children playground.

Welcome to the Villa Aarola!
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Basic info

Cottage size 130m2 82 beds

Sauna: wood stove sauna, electric sauna.

Beach: private, lake.



Mikkeli, Etelä-Savo




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Contact owner

Mikko Myyryläinen

Phone: +358503893633

E-mail: mikko.j.myyrylainen@gmail.com

Website: /http://